One Amazing Day By Shot By Nick Photography

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One Amazing Day By Shot By Nick Photography

Shooting a wedding is one thing, The birth of a child is a whole different ball game, put the two together on the same day and you get One Amazing Day

Firstly i have to give to thanks and gratitude to Glenda and Jame’s Mead whose wedding i was shooting that day, they were brilliant and very sympathetic to my situation. This did not deter from their wedding day and my role as their photographer for one minute, to see their wedding pictures click onĀ James and Glenda.

Friday 5th April 2013, i had noticed that my wife had not quite been the same all day and with this being our third child i knew that this was the sign that our new baby was on the way. Usually the day before shooting a wedding i am completely relaxed albeit a little nervous that my meticulous planning will work, mainly the weather is the big issue, everything else usually falls in to place, so sleeping is usually pretty good. However being up most of the night to then leave for the hospital at around 4am was not ideal. My gorgeous baby boy, Harrison was born at 7.15am on Saturday 6th April.

Now before anyone suggests that i am a bad father (I can see the mothers faces already) for leaving my child immediately after he was born, or a bad husband for leaving my wife let me point out a few facts.

1. If you are a parent then you will know that the immediate aftermath of a child being brought in to the world is sheer exhaustion for both Mother and Baby, so apart from sitting around and starring at your new born while he or she sleeps there really is not a lot a father can do, apart from tell the world and with social media these days that was pretty simple and quick.

2. Of course other family members were there like a shot and so neither of them were ever left completely on their own at any stage (Grandparents are like that).

3. If you have more than one child you will know that you can be (and probably will be) discharged about 4-6 hours after birth without complications, beds are a premium these days

4. I am a professional photographer who was contracted to a client of which i have been paid by to perform a service.

So my day was planned out perfectly new baby in the morning, at this point i would like to point out that i had a very accomplished second photographer with me who due to these unforeseen circumstances stepped up to the plate and performed heroics, bridal preparation shots before lunch, the church service was shot by my assistant (whilst i took my wife and new boy home) and i retuned for the all the reception pictures and completed the evening pics before returning home at 10:00pm that evening to an exhausted wife and baby boy.

To say the day was emotional would be easy, to say i was wrecked by the end of it would be predictable, to say the it was one of the best days of my life as a father and as a photographer combined would be about perfect and if any of you were wandering how the wedding was received by the couple here is a snippet from the thank you card they sent me:

“Really appreciate all your hard work on a day when you could have been at home celebrating with your family! You are a hero! Thanks for keeping us all calm and relaxed and helping to make our day run smoothly”

So there you go, I love my wife, I love my family and I love my job not many people can say that aboutĀ one amazing day.

One Amazing Day

One Amazing Day

Photo by Alexa Kidd-May

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