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Paris by Shot By Nick Photography

Being a keen supporter of sport I travel to many destinations across the world and recently had the pleasure of spending a few days in the stunning city of Paris. Having been there a few times before I now know may way around the city but this was the first time that i had taken my camera and my wife!!!

The morning gave us the opportunity to explore the one end of the park where the beautiful gardens and statues, along with the very pleasant weather, lead us to The Louvre. The famous museum and landmark is one of the largest in the world and holds many historical pieces, in the last few years made famous in the film The Da Vinci Code.

Shooting wedding or engagement pictures here would be so much fun but for the time being the sheer awesomeness and beauty of the place is captured.

As dusk fell we decided to step out of our hotel again and headed right this time taking us to The Bassin Octogonal and the Champs-Elysées. Heading towards the Carousel Wheel, a smaller version of the London Eye, but still an impressive site especially at night i took some pictures along the way. The Wheel does have a touch of romance about it, mainly because the seats only have room for two!!!

Paris was a delight



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